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Lifelong Montessori Learning

NOVA Happenings

Join us for an evening with Cyndi Giorgis, editor of Jim Trelease's best selling, The Read Aloud Handbook

Thursday, March 12 @ 6:30 pm

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March 2020
Homeschooling Support

Montessori homeschooling while appealing, may seem daunting.  We can offer you the support you need to provide your child with a quality Montessori education in your home.

Educator Mentor Program

Montessori teachers and leaders need to be masters of many trades. We offer personalized coaching to help Montessori educators maximize their career potential

Montessori Parenting

Parenting in today's fast paced, demanding culture can be overwhelming.  We offer courses and coaching to help bring peace and success to your family through the teachings of Dr. Montessori

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