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Give Your Family The Gift of Montessori


Montessori education is best known in schools, but the philosophy developed by Dr. Montessori is in many ways a lifestyle choice that has been adopted by families all over the world.  Adopting a Montessori approach in your home can bring peace, order, and harmony to your family.

Classes for Parents


NOVA Montessori is proud to offer courses specifically designed for parents who want to bring the Montessori philosophy into their home. Ranging from prenatal classes to help your prepare a Montessori home for your baby to workshops geared towards supporting your older child's education at home, we strive to make Montessori accessible to all families.

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Family Coaching


Parenting has never been an easy job. The demands of modern life and the proliferation of information have only made it harder.  Many parents are confused or aren't sure where to turn, but we can help.  If a Montessori way of life rooted in peace and order sounds appealing to you, contact us today.  We offer many different levels of support to all types of different families.

Montessori Homeschooling


Maria Montessori intended for her Method to be used in schools, but access to an authentic Montessori school is not always available.   Many families are successfully adapting her pedagogy to home school environments.  NOVA Montessori has experience in helping families set up their Montessori at home classrooms and support on-going curriculum needs.

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