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Peaceful Support for your Family

Raising a family in today's hectic world is an enormous challenge.  Short on time, overloaded with information, and pulled in many different directions, it is easy for home life to become disordered and frantic.  Creating a peaceful, predictable, and happy home life that supports optimal growth and development for your child can seem impossible!  Our consultants specialize in conducting home visits to help you create a home environment in keeping with Dr. Montessori's vision for children.  We are happy to offer one time consultations or on-going support tailored to your family's needs.  Contact us to set up a complimentary phone consultation

A few of the ways NOVA Montessori can help your family:
  • Introduce peaceful discipline to your home for your and your children
  • Establish routines and structure that promote happy children
  • Create thoughtful and purposeful order and organization in your home
  • Support nutrition and healthy food choice to optimize your child's development
  • Create healthy sleep routines to improve your family's well-being
  • Source Montessori materials and furniture for your home
  • Plan and execute activities to promote order, concentration, coordination, and independence for your child
  • Bring nature into your child's life both indoors and outdoors
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