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NMTC Program Requirements

NMTC's Infant Toddler Program is a 12 month program consisting of three academic phases and a practicum in a Montessori Infant or Toddler classroom. The academic phase consists of 280 contact hours and the practicum requires 540 teaching hours. 
Course Lectures:
All students are required to attend and participate in all course lectures. Required courses are as follows:
  • Montessori Philosophy and Pedagogy (48 hrs.)
  • Child, Family, and Community (20 hrs.)
  • Environmental Design (32 hrs.)
  • Observation (20 hrs.)
  • Early Childhood Overview (24 hrs.)
  • School Leadership and Administration (16 hrs.)
  • Personal Growth and Development (24 hrs.)
  • Child Development (48 hrs.)
  • Art (8 hrs.)
  • Movement and Music (8 hrs.)
  • Material Making Seminar (12 hrs.)
  • Writing for Educators (20 hrs.)
Practicum Experience:
All students must complete a Practicum by completing a professional internship in a Montessori infant or toddler classroom.  Students must complete no less than 540 hours of student teaching consisting of at least three hours per day during the Montessori academic work cycle.  Each student will be assigned a primary field consultant who will visit and observe the student in his or her classroom several times throughout the course of the practicum. The primary field consultant will serve as a guide and advisor in order to help grow the student's teaching practice.  Secondary field consultants will visit as well to offer additional perspective.
Assignments and Examinations:
Students must complete all assigned course work.  All course work will be compiled into Montessori teaching albums and submitted for evaluation.   Additionally, students will participate in practical and written examination.  All assignments and examinations will be graded on a Pass/Fail system.
All students must complete five field observations of other Montessori classrooms, preferably at different schools.  Students will complete two observations of Infant classrooms, two observations of Toddler classrooms, and one observation of an Early Childhood classroom.  Field Observations may not be conducted in the student's practicum classroom.
Capstone Project:
Each student will complete a year long project that examines a topic in Montessori education specific to the Infant-Toddler age group.  Students will choose a topic and create an additional Montessori album dedicated to their topic.  The album will include an essay detailing the significance and relevance of the chosen topic as well as original lessons and materials.  The Capstone must demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of Montessori philosophy and its practical application to the infant and toddler level.
Students who attend and participate in all course lectures, complete and pass all work assignments and examinations, complete the practicum experience and observations, as well as remain in good academic and disciplinary standing will be recommended for a Montessori Infant Toddler Credential.
Please note: NMTC's goal is to become MACTE accredited and affiliated with the American Montessori Society, but does not have those designations at this time. References to the American Montessori Society are solely to indicate that those standards and requirements are being followed and in no way apply imply AMS affiliation at this time.
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